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Chinese New Year Is Coming, Listing Your Home Now

I hope everybody enjoyed the holidays. We had a very busy and successful 2011 and are now so looking forward to  heading for 2012, the year of the dragon. Dec. 2011 saw a slow market… While the Chinese New Year is around the corner,  Chinese home buyers are coming to town.

Last Chinese New year we saw such a surge of business during the first two weeks of February that our fellow realtors and assistants worked day and night shifts to find homes for Chinese buyers visiting during the Lunar New Year. many of you heard Multi offers on properties in Richmond, vancouver and west vancouver. Will this year be the same? Nobody knows. However Angel and I have been receiving phone calls and emails enquiring about properties and schools in Vancouver.

Why do Chinese buy/invest properties in Vancouver? There are two major reasons:

1.   Good schools, a marine climate and the large, established Asian community make Vancouver attractive. end of the year. take time off best time for new immigrants landing. Husband takes time off, kids finish school to have a new start

2.   While education for children often is the primary goal, some immigrants just want to move money out of China because they don’t feel it’s safe, as China tries to damp property speculation at home., Buyers from mainland China are leading a wave of Asian investment in Vancouver real estate.