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Choosing the Right Vancouver Real Estate Agent Myths

As I noticed that recently a lot of people were discussing on the forum about how what agency a Realtor works with could impact or benefit on home owner’s selling experience.

I believe that every Vancouver real estate agent gain enough knowledge since they all passed the real estate board licensing exam. However individual agent has different professionalism dealing with individual cases based on his/her own experience.

To understand how agency will impact or benefit home sellers:

First of all, bigger agency company has more resource in training not only new agents but experienced agents through on-going career training, market updating and more.

Secondly, bigger agency tends to have a mature system and strong management support. So that whenever something happens, it could quickly respond to and deal with. Especially something critical like between Realtor and client, or between two agencies.

You can get some ideas about certain agency by visiting their company website. You will find out how frequently they update their website information and how valuable their website information is.

In most cases, home owners choose a Realtor based on not only what agency they belong to, but the following factors:

Firstly, whether the agent successfully sold any properties in your area and how well he/she knows your community and neighbourhood, including schools, shopping mall, community center, transportation and so on.

Secondly, how agent promote your listing. Will he/she only list your home property on MLS? Has he/she successfully promote listings via online marketing, public media and many other channels?

Thirdly, how well agent manages open house. Because a good listing agent could sell or at least make potential buyers very interested in buying when buyers come to open house. So the ability to effectively communicate with buyers and buyers’ agents are critical.

Some of my clients mentioned once that some agents claimed to have lots of existing buyers who are ready to buy their listings. This is maybe a way of luring sellers to list with them, however it is practically not working. The most important reason is that a Realtor can never well represent buyer and seller in one transaction because otherwise it could arise conflict of interests. Buyers always want to buy at a lower price, while sellers always want to sell at a higher price. In real life, I tend to avoid such situation happens because I want to fully represent my buyer or seller for their best interest.

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