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Do You Concerned About Your Home Value From BC Assessment?

I believe that most Vancouver home owners received home evaluation from BC Assessment in January or February of 2014. According to many feedback from home owners of Vancouver westside, West Vancouver and Downtown Vancouver, home value was decreased a lot from last assessment in 2013.

We have to understand that 2014 assessment was based on Vancouver housing market stats in July 2013. The truth is June 2013 was the slowest month for real estate. Starting from July 2013, housing markets slowly warmed up. Till now Vancouver housing prices reach a relatively higher level. Obviously, 2014 BC assessment was not reflecting today’s market.

Some home owners worried that buyers will refer to BC Assessment when making offers. But the fact is BC assessment home value is one of the few factors that buyers would care about. The recent stats about nearby sold properties in your neighbourhood would play most important role in buying decisions. For example, buyers would bid higher and higher for those listings in mostly desirable communities like Vancouver west side.

If you still concern about whether BC assessment value would impact on your home selling price, you should contact BC assessment to re-valuate your property before putting it on market. To know exactly how much your property worth in today’s market, please call Angel at 778.858.7958 or Helen at 604.375.1488.