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Coquitlam Real Estate Surge and Evergreen Line

Many real estate buyers are interested in Coquitlam real estate investment for a while. However most of them are not familiar with Coquitlam real estate market.
People are talking about Evergreen line a lot these days. Construction of the Evergreen Line Rapid Transit Project began January 2012 and wil be complete and in service in the summer of 2016. The Evergreen Line is a new rapid transit line that will connect Coquitlam to Vancouver via Port Moody and Burnaby. It will bypass Lougheed Centre, Coquitlam Centre and arrive at Douglas College. It believes to encourage real estate development along its route including Coquitlam real estate.
Coquitlam real estate surge is largely caused by local people who prefer its high convenience in transportation, good school districts, best value in real estate. It tends to attract not only local people, but students. Recently there are some multiple offers happened to one real estate property.
In summary, there are a few factors which promotes Coquitlam real estate, including Evergreen Line. Please your Vancouver real estate agents for details.