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Five Things To Pick Vancouver School For Your Kids

Let’s be honest, its totally not easy to pick the right school for your children. School rankings are not necessarily the only way to evaluate schools. Because some school rankings are based on academic scores, some are based on variety of school factors. Since every children is different, it is obviously not wise to pick school according to school ranking alone.

As parents, you have to know your children well, and then you have to know the schools well enough. There are multiple ways to get to know the schools. You can visit school website, and you can go visit the school in person. We list the following five things to look at when picking the right school:

  • To compare school capacity. You have to consider your children’s situation in order to make a good choice between big capacity school and small capacity school;
  • To visit school in person. Observe daily routines: recess time, lunch, in class time, and how students and teachers get along with each other at school;
  • To get to know their after school program;
  • To seriously consider whether boarding schools are the right choice for your children;
  • To know how school administration, teachers and parents communicate effectively with one another. And so on.

Since we helped a lot of clients to select schools for their children during or after we help them to buy homes in Vancouver, we know very well about Vancouver schools. We hope to use our expertise to serve you someday.

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