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Home Buyers: How to Avoid Troubles After Seller Handover The Property

There are troubles that home buyers often come across when moving to your purchased home. For example, washer and dryer doesn’t work properly, there are obvious stains in the carpet, and so on. It definitely won’t make buyers happy when they saw those problems. But how can buyers do to avoid them?

As we have helped tons of buyers to go through the buying process, we know that the effective way is to put them in the contract. We can ask for re-inspect the property before buyer moves in to ensure everything is working properly. We can ask sellers to hire professional cleaning company to thoroughly clean the whole house including carpets. There are more to be included in the contract. The more details we put into the contract, the less likely buyers gonna get in troubles.

Experienced and responsible real estate professionals are supposed to help buyers to better this off, so as to effectively protect the interests of buyers.

You are welcome to contact us about any Vancouver home buying or selling inquiry. We look forward to assisting you.