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Home Buyers: What Things Not Necessarily Included In Your Home Purchase

In not only Vancouver but any city or area in Canada, after real estate transaction completed, some home buyers found something missing in that properties they purchased. Does it mean that home sellers took away what are supposed to left for the buyers? Or simply because those home buyers simply don’t completely understand what should be included in their home purchase? In either situation, I think it best to make this video for home buyers, especially those first time buyers.

Literally, everything that has been attached to the wall or structure of the property building should be considered as included in home purchase. For example, up and down the kitchen cabinets, central island, sanitary room mirror and cabinets, lighting on ceiling and wall of each room (unless the seller stated otherwise), and so on. In additional, kitchen equipments should be included in home purchase, including oven, stove, fridge, kitchen discharge equipment, dish washer. However microwave is not necessarily included unless it is attached to the wall or kitchen discharge equipment. Washer and dryer usually included in almost all home purchase, with exception that some brand new properties state otherwise.

The most practical approach is usually home buyer’s agent list down all that should be included in the purchase contract. If you are looking for home to buy in Vancouver, and you haven’t found an agent to represent you, you are welcome to contact us. We are highly professional Vancouver home buyers agents who always ensure buyers interests. Please call Angel at 778-858-7958 or Helen at 604-375-1488.