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Home Sellers: Want to Sell Home Quickly in Chinese Driven Market?

Local Vancouver home sellers often inquire about what Chinese buyers are looking for when they shop on Vancouver real estate property market. I believe the following are the most important factors to most of the Chinese buyers.

Key factors

  1. Location: Those home properties close to good schools will have a better chance to sell to Chinese buyers. Because Chinese come to Vancouver for better educational opportunity for their kids. That’s why home properties in areas i.e. Point Grey, Kitsilano, UBC, West Van, Coquitlam, sell for good prices.
  2. Waterview: Chinese buyers tend to appreciate view properties. A good example is, over 50% of coal harbour high rise condo units are occupied by Chinese buyers. A majority of those home buyers are not getting the Canadian residents status. they buy those properties mostly for vocation home, and for investment. Another good example is that those uphill properties in West Vancouver usually sell very quickly in good prices since they have beautiful waterviews.
  3. Land lot size: Chinese buyers appreciate free hold land value. Some of my buyers are looking for real estate properties with big lot over 6000 square feet, and even 10,000 square feet everywhere in Burnaby, Surrey, White Rock, etc. Some of my buyers like to buy old houses in big lot.
  4. Rental properties with good rental income: Chinese buyers like to invest in condos with rental income potential. For example they invest in $500,000 value home properties in Downtown Vancouver. They could expect $2200-$2500 in monthly rental income, which is double the amount in China. Those investors are looking for rent-able condo units in SFU, UBC and Downtown Burnaby, etc.
  5. Fengshui: Most Chinese would like to believe in fengshui for good fortune. I could give you some insight to improve your property fengshui when you show me your house.

Those are the key factors for home sellers if you want to sell quick in this relatively slow and Chinese buyer driven market. Feel free to contact your Vancouver homes selling expert.