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Top 25 Real Estate Agents in Vancouver West,Downtown Vancouver and West Vancouver. Buy & Sell residential homes, property management, pre-sale and more.

How to Choose Best Vancouver Realtor for Home Buyers

Firstly and the most importantly, experience. A good real estate agent is particularly familiar with certain real estate markets, and he/she knows different real estate market situations in different cities in Greater Vancouver. For instance, is he/she familiar with all the schools, communities, public transportation and commercial areas? Whether the listings he/she showed you are most suitable for you and your family. Especially to anyone who is new to Greater Vancouver Area, Realtor who tend to show everyone around the same areas only because they are familiar with are not the best Realtor.

Secondly, negociation and communication skills. A good buyer’s agent would negociate very well not only with seller’s agent but also with sellers directly. They should be able to communication well in English of course. And if they could communicate in Chinese, they will be more likely to get a better deal from Chinese sellers directly.

Thirdly but not the last, about commission back. The amount of commission back from your Realtor couldn’t be more than what he/she could help you earn by making a better deal. If say, some agent could give you a few thousands commission money back. While a really good buyer’s agent could save you ten thousands and even more money on buying price. Isn’t it obvious that which will be a better deal for you? So it’s more important to choose the best buyer’s agent to work with, based on what experience and skills they have. I suggest you talk to a few agents to find out.

No matter who you are, new to Vancouver or live in Vancouver for decades, you always need to choose a good Vancouver Realtor to help you make the right decision on home buying. Contact us directly to find out how we qualify to be your best Realtor.