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How to Quickly Sell Homes in Slow Market in Vancouver

As Vancouver housing market slowly stepped into buyers market, it seems that home buying and selling activities were much less compared to past few years. However it wasn’t because of fewer home buyers on the market. I believe those buyers are holding their money patiently looking for better real estate homes in better deal.

Hereby I listed a few factors which I believe could help home sellers to sell homes quickly in such slow market:

First of all, house pricing is very important. You got to know how others price their homes for sale, including those brand new homes, presale in your neighbourhood.

Secondly, listing agent should informed home owners of how things going with open house in time. Most of the cases, it is necessary to adjust house pricing according to how public react to open house.

Thirly, home staging can largely help home selling. Especially Chinese buyers, as the majority of Vancouver housing market, are likely moved by the first impression of the homes for sale. As the home owner, you should be well prepared to do open house for potential buyers at any time if possible. Because in this slow market, every showing counts. Chinese buyers will likely to know everything about your neighbour, community, shopping and schools. So be prepared.

Lastly but not the least, as listing agents, we could coordinate with buyers and do everything possible to help remove conditions in order to sell home quicker for home sellers.