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Low Pricing or High Pricing, Which Strategy Is The Best

Home pricing is one of the most important steps in terms of selling real estate homes in Vancouver. Reasonable pricing should be based on only one thing: the market. Some sellers may want to set a price to cover all the costs and expenses. That will make it either under estimated or over estimated your property value.

There are three different pricing strategies to choose from:

Low pricing strategy

Some home sellers might wish to attract more offers by setting the home price very low. If your home property is very comparable to properties in your neighbourhood, and if your neighbourhood is very popular to home buyers, yes low pricing strategy might good for you.

High pricing strategy

Some home sellers might wish to please some buyers who won’t buy without bargain. That pricing strategy might useful for properties which will attract lots of Chinese buyers. If not, you could end up with fewer offers because most local buyers are hesitate to bargain.

Even pricing strategy

This pricing strategy is almost suitable for anyone in anywhere. Home pricing is based on actual and current real estate market in Vancouver.

If you like to know which strategy is good for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will go to your home and do a free evaluation. Please call Angel Wang 778.858.7958 or Helen Pan 604.735.1488