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Purchase Business in Vancouver and About BCPNP

With the tightening of all kinds of federal immigration plans including Business Immigration Program (affecting investors, enterpruneurs, self-employed), Provincial Nominee Program becomes more and more popular especially BC PNP program. Because lots of other provinces have or just started to tighten their PNP program recently.

BC PNP allows the Government of British Columbia to select potential business immigrants for settlement in BC. To qualify, an individual must have a minimum net worth and be prepared to invest in a potential business and hire Canadians or permanent residents. If you wish to establish a business in the greater Vancouver area, you must invest $400,000. You have to prepare a detail business plan to justify that your investment in that business will be feasible.

Please consult your immigrant lawyer about BCPNP details. Or contact us about what business to buy in Greater Vancouver area. Video brought to you by Top Vancouver real estate agents team. Thanks for sharing this about BCPNP video.