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Relisted To Sell Homes in Vancouver

Since Vancouver real estate marketwas pretty slow in 2012, there were quite a few listings which were failed to sell after being listed for more than six months or even twelve months. I got a few calls from local home sellers who asked me whether price dropping will be the only way to sell their properties in 2013.

According to our experience of sell homes in Vancouver, I figured there are three things to do in order to make re-listed properties successful.

First of all, price change might be an efficient way as well as widely used method in re-listed homes. Because if you re-list a home property in new lower price, that real estate property will definitely get more new eye balls. More importantly, you have to know what new price would be the best to re-list that property.

Secondly, take a deep look at why that property was not sold in the past. Would there be reasons other than price? For there could be way more other problems like old house, fengshui or something else to hold back home buyers to make the offer. Maybe some home staging could solve the problem without having to drop the listing price. Brand new real estate properties could be sold more quickly if they were properly furnished or staged.

Last but not the least, try to do more promotions during the first two months after re-listing the home property. For instance more open houses, sending emails to more interested buyers or real estate agents, more newspaper ads and flyers. Because otherwise if that re-listed home is put on market for too long, it would be more difficult to sell.

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