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Some Legal Issues In Process of Real Estate Purchasing

You might encounter some legal issues when you purchase real estate properties in Vancouver:

Firstly, making offers. You should add some conditions to the offer, but it wouldn’t exempt you from any legal issue if you end up not taking the offer for whatever reason. So you still have to be sure and serious before you make any offer.

Secondly, making deposit. All the deposit will go to escrow account. If you want to cancel the offer and take back your deposit, you usually have to go through some legal procedure.

Thirdly, the seller might sue the buyer who drop the offer simply because house price goes down after deposit is made and before real estate transaction is completed.

Lastly, if the home buyer finds anything that the seller failed to disclose before real estate transaction completed, the buyer has to go for legal procedure to ask for compensation. Since any legal case takes time and money, you as a home buyer want to hire real estate lawyer or experienced real estate agent to do thorough investigation on the property before payment.

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