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The Myth About Building New Home in Vancouver

In recent years, it seems that buying a piece of land and then building own home becomes a big trend. The most possible reason people who did that was the cost difference. Most people believe that building home is much cheaper than buying a similar new home. I found that most new immigrants who plan to build their new home have two types of purposes:

Firstly, for self use. If its for your own family to live in, you’d better pick the right location for your building home. Otherwise you could be very disappointed if you pick a wrong location where you don’t want to live in the future.

Secondly, for sale to earn profit. You shall be aware that building new home involves quite a few uncertainties and risks. If you couldn’t evaluate the costs or risks accurately, you will most probably lose your investment money. And when you sell that new home, you have to clearly understand those similar homes for sale in your neighbourhood.

Therefore, buying a piece of land and then building new home isn’t for everyone; at the same time, when everyone else is doing that, you probably won’t want to do the same thing. Because chances are that business is not gonna lasting for any longer soon.

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