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Three Things To Know Before Buy Pre-Sale Properties

One of the most common mistakes made by Pre-sale buyers coming from China was that they usually went to sale centre to purchase pre-sale from sales reps directly without involving his/her real estate agent. Because that is the common practice in China. However they didn’t realize that they might miss something very important.

Not knowing the developer

It is critical to know the developer behind that pre-sale you are interested in. The thing is that not all the big name developers are the better. But buyers don’t know that.

Not reading terms thoroughly

Buyers usually care about the price, the completion date, which floor plan to choose. They could easily ignore some important terms i.e. delayed delivery, actual size discrepancy, resell-ability before completion, and so on.

Not knowing how to negotiate

Buyers don’t know that there are more things that are negotiable besides price.

The fact is, most buyers don’t realize that bring his/her own buyer’s agent is not only necessary but essential. If you are interested in buying pre-sale in Vancouver, please feel free to contact us. Call Angel at 778.858.7958 and Helen at 604.375.1488.