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Tips for Vancouver Condo Owners or To-Be-Owners

There are quite a few advantages of buying homes in Vancouver, especially buying condo apartments. For examples, you don’t have to worry about cleaning driveway in snowing winter, or mowing the lawns in summer time. Property strata will hire companies to take care of everything and put the whole condo building in good care. Plus as a property owner, you would enjoy some facilities for free.

gymHowever I constantly hear complains about people’s condo living. Therefore I would like to give those condo owners or to-be-owners some tips according to my personal and some of my clients’ experiences:

1. Some complains about condo rental rule, visitor parking rule, and so on

I strongly suggest you to actively involved in strata monthly meeting. Speak up on those meeting about anything that you would like to see changes on. Chances are if your suggestion is taken by most strata members, strata rules will be changed to your favour. But if you don’t speak up, you have to bear with what others have agreed on.

2. For those who wishes to be better at oral English

I would suggest you to use those free facilities as often as possible. When you go to your condo building’s swimming pool or gym, you would most likely to meet your neighbours there too. Definitely you could have some conversation with them while you are there. That way you can not only practice your oral English but get to know your neighbours better.

3. For safety reasons

I would highly recommend to communicate with your condo management. For example before you leave for vocation for a while, why not inform your building guard so that he could watch out on your properties including home and vehicles you left while you are away.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question about buying condos in Vancouver area.