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Vancouver Summer Camps For International Students

Study tours become more and more popular in Mainland China recently. Lots of parents send their children to English speaking countries to attend Winter or Summer camps. There are quite a few summer camps in BC which are good for international students. I will list three of the most popular ones below:

First of all, St. George Summer Camps

sumcampSaint George is one of the most prestigious private schools in Vancouver. Its ranking is also the highest in lower mainland BC. Their summer camps are not only for local students but international students. Basically students live in the campus. In the morning there will usually be in class activities; in the afternoon there will be outdoor activities i.e. Vancouver Science World, Vancouver Aquarium.
St. George summer camps have two options: July camp and August camp. Each one takes about two to three weeks. For those who want to enroll in August camp, early registration starts right now and usually fill up quickly within May or June. Once registered, you need to use the camp registration confirmation letter to apply for visiting visa. So sooner the registration, the better.

Secondly, UBC summer camps

UBC‘s summer camps are great for senior middle school students. Almost all the activities will be in the campus. Students need to live and dine in the campus. In the morning there will usually be in class activities; in the afternoon, there will be a lot of outdoor sports activities. It would be a great opportunity to live university life for real.

Last but not the least, North Vancouver Bodwell Summer Camps

Bodwell is a private school in North Vancouver. Their summer camps now open to international students as well. They have four location options. The first location is in UBC campus. The second location is in Whistler. The best thing about having summer camps in Whistler is that there are so many outdoor activities that students can join. For examples, rock climbing, stropping. Besides Whistler is a well-known tourist city with attractions. The third location is Victoria. Victoria is the capital of BC. It has famous tourist attractions like Royal BC Museum, Parliament building, Inner harbour, etc. The last option is to combine all three locations. It would be fantastic to visit all three places in their 6 weeks camp.

There are other camps. For instance the one by Vancouver Education Ministry. Students usually live with locals and the cost could be a little bit less than the above three.

Cost varies for different camps. Please contact us for further info.