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What Home Property To Buy For Vancouver International Students

Talking about what home property to buy for Vancouver international students, house or apartment condo? We have to take these things into consideration: will you plan to go back to your country or to find a job and live in Vancouver for a while after graduation? Will your parents plan to stay with you in Vancouver for a long time during and after your graduation?

For those who do not intend to stay in Vancouver for a long time, to buy house property might not be the best choice. Some of them might think that they may earn rental income by renting the house to a few other students. Actually you have to know that rental income is not necessarily higher from rental house than rental apartment, when considering rental vs. purchase price ratio. Lots of times, it is on the contrary. Not to mention that the running cost is much higher for house. Therefore I think it a lot wiser to buy condo apartment for international students.

Firstly, it is obviously cheaper to buy condo apartment than to buy house. Secondly, it is better to buy a small condo and pay the mortgage than to pay rental fee. The monthly payment could not be a big difference. However once you sell the condo, you could even have some capital gain. Last but not the least, condo apartment is a lot easier to handle in any situation. For example, you might think of selling it before go back home country, or selling it and then buying a bigger one if you decide to stay in Vancouver for a long time, or renting it to earn rental income.

And we will help you to find an appropriate condo apartment to buy in any college or university area, including UBC area, SFU area, Langara area and so on.

We, Vancouver real estate agents help many international students to buy home properties in Vancouver. We provide the services from searching, making offers, home mortgage application to parents visiting visa. If you need any support for such affairs, please feel free to contact us