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What Real Estate Properties to Invest in Vancouver B&B Business

A lot of times I was asked by my clients of how to look for appropriate real estate properties for B&B business in Vancouver. Now you have to understand that B&B business is definitely more than purchasing a real estate property. You have to know what type of home properties are good for B&B business and what the best locations are for that business, and so on. For example, whether the floor plan of that home property is suitable, whether there are enough bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens to accommodate multiple families and so on. Because in most cases, you have to get local city government’s approval if you want to build additional kitchen, bathroom or even setting up one more major appliance.

Currently a majority of B&B businesses are located in Richmond near Frances, Garden City Road, No. 4 Rd, between No. 2 Rd and No. 3 Rd, and Blundell. You wonder why most of the B&B businesses choose Richmond? There are a few reasons: first of all the location. Richmond is closest to Vancouver International Airport; Secondly, the public transportation in Richmond is well organized. It has Skytrain and shuttle buses which connect Vancouver and Downtown directly; Thirdly, language will not be a big problem for Chinese new immigrants if they choose to land in Richmond first. Because Richmond is such a big city with so many Chinese speaking families settle in; Fourthly and the most important reason I believe is the housing price of Richmond real estate market. Obviously the housing price is lower than those in Vancouver west side. So B&B business could more easily earn profit if they invest in B&B in Richmond.

You are very welcome to inquire about purchasing B&B business in Vancouver and Richmond. At the same time, please visit out latest video about Vancouver B&B business and make comment or share it with your families and friends.