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What We Shall Prepare For Next Earthquake

Last week’s earthquake in Vancouver island BC reminds us that we shall be well prepared for the next earthquake. A few things I and most of us have in mind include emergency kit, at least 3 days storage of food and water (and water is one of the most important things to store). But we probably haven’t have any thorough plan ready.

I referred to some information on the internet and come across the following tips to prepare for next earthquake.

Before any possible earthquake: we shall let everyone in our household know where the safe spots are in each room. It could be under tables, desks or supported doorways. Then name a place where we could find each other after earthquake if possible.

During the earthquake, we have to check the followings:

  • Duck, cover and hold on. Take cover under a desk or table or sit/kneel beside a strong interior wall.
  • Stay away from windows, bookshelves and filing cabinets.
  • Never use an elevator.
  • Outside avoid power lines and buildings.
  • If a representative is in a vehicle, they should pull over away from buildings, power lines, bridges and overpasses and stay in their vehicle.
  • Anyone in a crowd should seek cover and try not to get trampled.

After the earthquake, we shall do the followings:

  • Expect aftershocks and duck, cover and hold on.
  • Never use candles or matches where there may be broken gas or propane lines.
  • Send someone trained or go yourself to turn off the outside gas valve, and the furnace if required.
  • Use the telephone only for emergency, life-saving calls.
  • If indoors, stay there if possible. If outdoors, avoid damaged buildings, power lines and poles.
  • Apply first aid to anyone injured and avoid moving seriously injured victims unless necessary.
  • Turn on a computer, TV or radio for information.
  • If a broker decides to evacuate, take emergency supplies.
  • Place HELP signs in windows.

A lot more tips about prepare for next earthquake is here