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Three Things To Know Before Buy Pre-Sale Properties

Posted by on Jul 14, 2014 in Blog

One of the most common mistakes made by Pre-sale buyers coming from China was that they usually went to sale centre to purchase pre-sale from sales reps directly without involving his/her real estate agent. Because that is the common practice in China. However they didn’t realize that they might miss something very important. Not knowing the developer It is critical to know the developer behind that pre-sale you are interested in. The thing is that not all the big name developers are the better. But buyers don’t know that. Not reading terms thoroughly Buyers usually care about the price, the completion date, which floor plan to choose. They could easily ignore some important terms i.e. delayed delivery, actual size discrepancy, resell-ability before completion, and so on. Not knowing how to negotiate Buyers don’t know that there are more things...

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Richmond Up Coming Pre Sale Condos

Posted by on Jun 13, 2014 in Blog

Recently I found that a lot of real estate investors inquire about new condos investment in Richmond. Therefore I listed three most popular ones including The Grand – brand new condo project in Richmond. Not just for those three condos I introduced in video, we highly recommend you to tell us about what area and floor plan you will be interested as earlier as possible, so that we could reach the developer to get those reserved before they open for public sale. Please contact Angel at 778.858.7958 or Helen 604.375.1488 for...

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Home Buyers: What Things Not Necessarily Included In Your Home Purchase

Posted by on Mar 11, 2014 in Blog

In not only Vancouver but any city or area in Canada, after real estate transaction completed, some home buyers found something missing in that properties they purchased. Does it mean that home sellers took away what are supposed to left for the buyers? Or simply because those home buyers simply don’t completely understand what should be included in their home purchase? In either situation, I think it best to make this video for home buyers, especially those first time buyers. Literally, everything that has been attached to the wall or structure of the property building should be considered as included in home purchase. For example, up and down the kitchen cabinets, central island, sanitary room mirror and cabinets, lighting on ceiling and wall of each room (unless the seller stated otherwise), and so on. In additional, kitchen equipments should...

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Buy Homes in Vancouver in 2014

Posted by on Jan 11, 2014 in Blog

It might be the best year to come to Vancouver and buy real estate home. Especially for those Chinese who usually like to travel to Vancouver during Chinese new year. Because Canadian dollar becomes relatively weak these days. I think it necessary to update you about fees and costs related to buying and maintaining homes in Vancouver. Firstly, mortgage Since Canadian banks become more conservative when lending money to home buyers, the maximum mortgage you can get from banks decreases from 70% of the total price to 65% or even lower. Secondly, property transfer tax This is the way of calculating that cost: 1% of first 200,000, and then 2% of the remaining. There is an easy way: just multiplys total price with 2% and then subtract by 2000. Thirdly, lawyer fee Depending on the total price of the...

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What Home Property To Buy For Vancouver International Students

Posted by on Mar 18, 2013 in Blog

Talking about what home property to buy for Vancouver international students, house or apartment condo? We have to take these things into consideration: will you plan to go back to your country or to find a job and live in Vancouver for a while after graduation? Will your parents plan to stay with you in Vancouver for a long time during and after your graduation? For those who do not intend to stay in Vancouver for a long time, to buy house property might not be the best choice. Some of them might think that they may earn rental income by renting the house to a few other students. Actually you have to know that rental income is not necessarily higher from rental house than rental apartment, when considering rental vs. purchase price ratio. Lots of times, it is...

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