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Want to Buy Green Home in Vancouver?

Posted by on Feb 1, 2013 in Blog

Green home, green energy, green building and so on. We talk a lot about “Green” these days because we people care more about the earth, our environment and our next generations. What is green home. As what Wikipedia says: A Green home is a type of house designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable, while also focusing on the efficient use of “energy, water, and building materials.” When thinking about buying green home in Vancouver, I found some great tips for your next house for sale hunting. First of all, the location. You should look for those Green neighbourhoods. Is that house for sale in a neighbourhood close to work, transit, shopping, community centres and other services. Obviously if it does, you will save a lot of car gas bill and produce less greenhouse gas emissions. Secondly, look for...

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New Mortgage Policy (from 2012)

Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Blog

Since November 1st 2012, most Canadian banks strengthen the mortgage policy. To new immigrants, it means that down payment requirement changes from 30% to 35%, in order to qualify for mortgage application. For high amount mortgage (larger than 1.5 million), there is even more documents required for application. There are also some changes to mortgage for non-residents and international students. For instance, in the past as long as international student can put 35% in down payment, most Canadian banks would approve that mortgage application. It it no longer that way. It now requires more documents to support your mortgage application besides down payment requirement. Since the policy changes, we experience different mortgage application cases. Take this international student mortgage case video for example, we see different bank has its different interpretation and decision toward same applicant. Since we have...

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How to Choose Best Vancouver Realtor for Home Buyers

Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Blog

Firstly and the most importantly, experience. A good real estate agent is particularly familiar with certain real estate markets, and he/she knows different real estate market situations in different cities in Greater Vancouver. For instance, is he/she familiar with all the schools, communities, public transportation and commercial areas? Whether the listings he/she showed you are most suitable for you and your family. Especially to anyone who is new to Greater Vancouver Area, Realtor who tend to show everyone around the same areas only because they are familiar with are not the best Realtor. Secondly, negociation and communication skills. A good buyer’s agent would negociate very well not only with seller’s agent but also with sellers directly. They should be able to communication well in English of course. And if they could communicate in Chinese, they will be more likely...

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About Buying Foreclosure Homes In Vancouver

Posted by on Apr 9, 2010 in Blog

What’s the procedure for buying foreclosure homes in Vancouver? How can you successfully bid for it on court? The difference from buying a regular home. What other issues you should know about before purchasing a foreclosure home? Please contact Angel Wang (Top Real Estate Agent In Vancouver West) for...

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Real Estate Market In Vancouver West Side Were Unbelievably Hot!

Posted by on Apr 2, 2010 in Blog

Since Winter 2009, until Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, real estate market in Vancouver west side was not even down a little bit. It was unbelievably even hotter comparing to Summer market in 2009. The biggest reason behind was that the demand was largely exceeding the supply for the past year. And that situation will still remain in 2010. Therefore anyone who dreams about buying homes in Vancouver west side really have to act quickly than ever, otherwise he could hardly get it. Please contact top Vancouver West real estate agent, Angel Wang for...

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