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What Homes To Buy, Facing South, North, East or West?

Posted by on Jan 25, 2014 in Blog

A lot of new immigrants from China prefer houses facing south, they are somewhat reluctant to buy houses facing the other directions. Actually as one of those who work and live in Vancouver, I don’t really care what direction my house faces. In fact I’d rather buy those houses facing West or East. Because obviously West-facing or East-facing homes will enjoy much more sun light into the house, in all seasons. And people spend most time in the kitchen, therefore kitchen and master bedroom are facing South, instead of front door. If you like to have oceanview home in Vancouver westside, you are going to buy those North-facing houses. Because the ocean is at the north side of the city. Please use our property search form on the left side to find all active listings in Vancouver to match...

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Top 4 Mistakes New Immigrants Make When Buying Homes in Canada

Posted by on Jun 29, 2013 in Blog

When those new immigrants made the following mistakes when purchase real estate properties in Canada: 1. Use the price per square footage to calculate property value; 2. Don’t care whether the property is located on main street or not; 3. Don’t care about whether the property is a old aged or not; 4. Follow what their friends do and buy those properties closest to their...

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New Mortgage Policy (from 2012)

Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Blog

Since November 1st 2012, most Canadian banks strengthen the mortgage policy. To new immigrants, it means that down payment requirement changes from 30% to 35%, in order to qualify for mortgage application. For high amount mortgage (larger than 1.5 million), there is even more documents required for application. There are also some changes to mortgage for non-residents and international students. For instance, in the past as long as international student can put 35% in down payment, most Canadian banks would approve that mortgage application. It it no longer that way. It now requires more documents to support your mortgage application besides down payment requirement. Since the policy changes, we experience different mortgage application cases. Take this international student mortgage case video for example, we see different bank has its different interpretation and decision toward same applicant. Since we have...

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Purchase Business in Vancouver and About BCPNP

Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Blog

With the tightening of all kinds of federal immigration plans including Business Immigration Program (affecting investors, enterpruneurs, self-employed), Provincial Nominee Program becomes more and more popular especially BC PNP program. Because lots of other provinces have or just started to tighten their PNP program recently. BC PNP allows the Government of British Columbia to select potential business immigrants for settlement in BC. To qualify, an individual must have a minimum net worth and be prepared to invest in a potential business and hire Canadians or permanent residents. If you wish to establish a business in the greater Vancouver area, you must invest $400,000. You have to prepare a detail business plan to justify that your investment in that business will be feasible. Please consult your immigrant lawyer about BCPNP details. Or contact us about what business to buy in...

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The Best Place For Immigrant Landing in Vancouver Westside

Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Blog

First of all, Kerrisdale Kerrisdale is a neighbourhood between 41st Ave and West Boulevard. There are quite a few rental apartments. Therefore it is so easy for immigrant to find accommodation. Shops and restaurants are all over the place that makes living super easy in this district. Since more and more Asian live in Kerrisdale, service in Chinese is popular in this district. There are good shools too, including Point Grey Secondary, Kerrisdale Elementary, Quilchena Elementary, Saint George Secondary and Crofton Secondary. Secondly, Oakridge Mall Because of Oakridge Mall, shopping and living is very convenient. There are quite a few Chinese restaurants, banks. Skytrain is also nearby. You can easily go to Vancouver Downtown or Richmond by Skytrain. Thirdly, Kitsilano Kitsilano is considered as one of the most attractive neighbourhoods in Vancouver to most local people. Because it closes...

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