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What Home Sellers Could Do to Speed Up Selling Home Properties

Posted by on Oct 4, 2013 in Blog

Pay attention to the followings will help home sellers to quickly sell their home properties in Vancouver. Backyard and Front yard Great curb appearance will definitely help sellers to sell. That is where potential buyers form their first impression on your home properties. Home Decoration Things like carpet wall deco, nice picture photos, neutral and bright painting color will create welcoming and warm family atmosphere. Odor Removal Nothing can be more attractive than sweet coffee in the air. Make sure that you won’t let the potential buyers smell pets odor or last night special cooking. Sometimes a thorough carpet cleaning and wall repainting will help too. De-cluttering Never fill your rooms with all stuffs. De-cluttering is very necessary and important. Meanwhile you don’t want to make your rooms look too empty. Nice furniture, great room decoration is good enough....

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Choosing the Right Vancouver Real Estate Agent Myths

Posted by on Jan 23, 2013 in Blog

As I noticed that recently a lot of people were discussing on the forum about how what agency a Realtor works with could impact or benefit on home owner’s selling experience. I believe that every Vancouver real estate agent gain enough knowledge since they all passed the real estate board licensing exam. However individual agent has different professionalism dealing with individual cases based on his/her own experience. To understand how agency will impact or benefit home sellers: First of all, bigger agency company has more resource in training not only new agents but experienced agents through on-going career training, market updating and more. Secondly, bigger agency tends to have a mature system and strong management support. So that whenever something happens, it could quickly respond to and deal with. Especially something critical like between Realtor and client, or between...

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Why Multiple Offers and How to Deal With It

Posted by on Aug 20, 2012 in Blog

I understand the reasons why there are multiple offers happened in Vancouver real estate home market: Reason 1, home sellers lower listing price in purpose. Because low listing price will attract more offers and more buyers most probably. So that at the end selling price could bit much higher than expected; Reason 2, home sellers don’t know much about today’s real estate market and under estimate its property value. Therefore its listing price is relatively lower than market value so that it gets multiple offers; Reason 3, home sellers are eager to sell home quick. Therefore they list low listing price in order to get more buyers’ attention. In such or possible multiple offers situation, I would suggest home buyers to take the following actions: First of all, write offer right after you spot a good listing. It’s best...

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Vancouver Housing Market Update

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Blog

Current Vancouver Real Estate Market situation is: the total number of new listings and active listings are continue to increase, while sales is decreasing. I expected that the housing price is going down in a few months if not sooner. MLS board May stats show that residential property sales in Greater Vancouver reached 2,853 on MLS. This represents a 15.5 per cent decline compared to the 3,377 sales recorded in May 2011. On the contrary, new listings and active listings are increased by 16.8% comparing to May 2011. In such real estate market situation, home sellers will most probably want to lower their listing price; while most home buyers would most likely to wait and hold. Therefore it pushed sales volume even lower. Stats also shows that sales-to-active-listing ratio sits at 16%. The ratio in some areas could be...

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Home Sellers: Want to Sell Home Quickly in Chinese Driven Market?

Posted by on Jun 11, 2012 in Blog

Local Vancouver home sellers often inquire about what Chinese buyers are looking for when they shop on Vancouver real estate property market. I believe the following are the most important factors to most of the Chinese buyers. Key factors Location: Those home properties close to good schools will have a better chance to sell to Chinese buyers. Because Chinese come to Vancouver for better educational opportunity for their kids. That’s why home properties in areas i.e. Point Grey, Kitsilano, UBC, West Van, Coquitlam, sell for good prices. Waterview: Chinese buyers tend to appreciate view properties. A good example is, over 50% of coal harbour high rise condo units are occupied by Chinese buyers. A majority of those home buyers are not getting the Canadian residents status. they buy those properties mostly for vocation home, and for investment. Another good example...

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