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Do You Concerned About Your Home Value From BC Assessment?

Posted by on Feb 14, 2014 in Blog

I believe that most Vancouver home owners received home evaluation from BC Assessment in January or February of 2014. According to many feedback from home owners of Vancouver westside, West Vancouver and Downtown Vancouver, home value was decreased a lot from last assessment in 2013. We have to understand that 2014 assessment was based on Vancouver housing market stats in July 2013. The truth is June 2013 was the slowest month for real estate. Starting from July 2013, housing markets slowly warmed up. Till now Vancouver housing prices reach a relatively higher level. Obviously, 2014 BC assessment was not reflecting today’s market. Some home owners worried that buyers will refer to BC Assessment when making offers. But the fact is BC assessment home value is one of the few factors that buyers would care about. The recent stats about...

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Coquitlam Real Estate Surge and Evergreen Line

Posted by on May 7, 2012 in Blog

Many real estate buyers are interested in Coquitlam real estate investment for a while. However most of them are not familiar with Coquitlam real estate market. People are talking about Evergreen line a lot these days. Construction of the Evergreen Line Rapid Transit Project began January 2012 and wil be complete and in service in the summer of 2016. The Evergreen Line is a new rapid transit line that will connect Coquitlam to Vancouver via Port Moody and Burnaby. It will bypass Lougheed Centre, Coquitlam Centre and arrive at Douglas College. It believes to encourage real estate development along its route including Coquitlam real estate. Coquitlam real estate surge is largely caused by local people who prefer its high convenience in transportation, good school districts, best value in real estate. It tends to attract not only local people, but...

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How Evergreen Line Impact Real Estate Sales in Coquitlam

Posted by on Apr 3, 2012 in Blog

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How to Buy Real Estate Properties In Vancouver Without Leaving China

Posted by on Mar 25, 2012 in Blog

This is video is about how Chinese buyers can purchase real estate properties in Vancouver without having to leave their living home in China. It involves several steps in the process. And we, as Vancouver real estate agents will work closely with Chinese buyers to go through the process and help them successfully buy it. We also provide real estate rental management service if clients need. Check out luxury homes for sale in Vancouver...

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2012 Vancouver Real Estate Market Trend – Up or Down?

Posted by on Feb 3, 2012 in Blog

Vancouver real estate market will continue to be up yet not dramatically. There are a few factors that we believe will strongly support the up market trend: 1. BC assessment values real estate properties in Vancouver area to be increased about 10% averagely. The increasing value by the government will definitely support increasing house price. 2. Although major banks increased prime rate a little bit since last year, mortgage rate still keeps at a lower level. 3. Appreciation of the Renminbi vs Canadian Dollar from 1:6.8 to 1:6.2 since last year, will encourage more Chinese buyers to come to the Canadian real estate market because of higher purchasing power. 4. Chinese governments’ real estate investment rules force more Chinese investors to look at real estate investment opportunities overseas. By Vancouver top real estate agent – Angel...

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