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How to Invest In Private Island Property In Vancouver Area

Posted by on Oct 5, 2011 in Blog

Fewer people may think of investing in private island is also a very good real estate investment option in Vancouver. However there are quite a few stuff to think about before you head into that. Make sure you have more ideas about different types of private islands. As one of the top real estate agents team, we will help you gather more information and guide you through the process. Contact us today for more...

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How to Purchase Properties In Vancouver For International Students

Posted by on Aug 25, 2011 in Blog

It’s not difficult or more complicated for international students to buy real estate properties in Vancouver than for those local/permanent residents. They may be required to pay 35% or higher in down payment by the bank. That may be the only difference. Properties in UBC and Downtown Vancouver are the two hot areas for international students to buy. But there will be other options. We strongly recommend you to talk to us directly because every property investment is...

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Foreign Property Buyers Restrictions Needed?

Posted by on Apr 21, 2011 in Blog

According to CBC news: A prominent Vancouver businessman and former city councillor says it’s time to debate restricting foreign ownership of residential properties as a way to cool down Vancouver’s hot real estate market. Peter Ladner says Vancouver’s home prices are out of control, and with China and Australia already restricting foreign ownership, Vancouverites should at least examine whether the idea makes sense. “Ironically, many of the people driving up the prices are coming here from mainland China where soaring real estate prices have caused the Chinese government to introduce new limits on foreign purchases of residential or commercial property in the country,” he wrote in a recent article published in Business in Vancouver. Ladner says he isn’t isn’t taking a position on the issue, but he wants a debate. He notes there has been virtually no public research...

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New Condos Are The Interests Of Property Investors From Mainland China

Posted by on Apr 27, 2010 in Blog

Many property investors from mainland China are not necessarily immigrants. They are investing in Vancouver’s real estate market since the new legislation of tourism between China and Canada by the end of year 2009. Details please contact Angel...

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HST’s Impact On BC House Price Explanation

Posted by on Nov 15, 2009 in Blog

From July 1st, 2010 HST (Harmonized Sales Tax,12%) will be officially implemented in BC. The biggest and direct impact on the house price in Vancouver BC is that it is definitely going to increase your investment cost of purchasing new home (because before only 5% GST will applied on sales of brand new property). Other than that, it will also cost you more on purchasing all other type of real estates. Angel Wang explained the reasons for that impact on Vancouver real estate market in this...

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