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Vancouver Real Estate Bubble Myth

Posted by on Jul 8, 2016 in Blog

Since people talked about Vancouver real esate bubble in 2011, Vancouver housing prices were continue to go up year after year. Besides a history record high of 25% in 2015, Vancouver home prices were consistantly increase and never showed any sign of slowing down. Canadian government was trying every possible way to cool down this “overheated” real estate market. For examples, tightening mortgage rules, propose home vacancy tax, non residents buyers registration policy and so on. However they hardly made any big impact on the market. One reason is being it usually takes long time for Canadian government to adopt new rules or policies; the other most important reason is being unwise to interfere with market. Demand and supply would control the market all the time. If you ever want to buy real estate property in Greater Vancouver, however...

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What Is Pushing Up Vancouver Home Prices?

Posted by on Feb 10, 2016 in Blog

What’s the best reason for non-stop price surge in Vancouver housing market?Many local people believe that rich Chinese buyers are the only reason. Is that true? Not long ago, National Post released a report which contained some stats that explained the best reason behind Vancouver home price surge. That is market supply could not meet the demand because of Vancouver’s ever growing population. You are welcome to contact us for any Vancouver real estate related questions. Please call Angel at...

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Comparing Living Cost in Vancouver and Toronto

Posted by on Oct 16, 2015 in Blog

Because Vancouver and Toronto are the two most important cities in Canada, people like to compare them in many ways. In this video I compare them in regards to living cost. Obviously Toronto has more population and more facilities. Therefore Toronto has higher living cost. Vancouver’s living cost is relatively low. However Vancouver average housing price is higher than Toronto. I talked about why this happens in the video. If you are interested in this topic and would like to discuss further, you are welcome to contact me at 778.858.7958....

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The Investability of Vancouver West Housing Market As of Today

Posted by on Sep 16, 2015 in Blog

Vancouver west housing market is famous for its record high housing price for years! Everyone is asking whether it is still a good time to invest in Vancouver west side. If you search homes for sale in Vancouver which is under 2 million price tag, you will most likely hit those homes in Marpole area in Vancouver. Or if you are lucky you might come across some decent yet old homes sitting on most demand areas i.e. Kitsilano. We will help you to watch out for those best yet rare deal whenever it’s available. Please contact our Vancouver west realtor Angel for more info. Call 778.858.7958...

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Four Reasons To Live In Kerrisdale Neighbourhood in Vancouver West Side

Posted by on Jul 29, 2015 in Blog

Kerrisdale is considered as one of the best neighbourhoods in Vancouver west side. More and more home buyers choose to live in Kerrisdale because of the following four distinct advantages: First of All, Location West 41st Avenue and West Boulevard is deemed as the centre of Kerrisdale because there are lots of shops, restaurants and cafes. Kerrisdale is located in the centre of Vancouver westside. It is very close to the beach, downtown and Richmond. Secondly, Transportation You can literally walk to the beach from where you live in Kerrisdale. It takes a very short trip to Vancouver downtown, Stanley Park, Richmond or Vancouver airport. Thirdly, Schools There are quite a few high ranking schools in Kerrisdale. We are talking about three elementary schools: Kerrisdale, Quilchena, and Maple Grove; two famous secondary schools: Point Grey and Magee. Lastly but not...

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