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Things To Consider When Investing In Vancouver Rental Properties

Posted by on Apr 28, 2015 in Blog

There are quite a few differences when looking for properties to rent or home to live. I listed the following four factors to consider in the video for your references: Limitation or quota of rental properties in one building;Locations that good for rental properties;Amenities to the rental property;Neighbourhood and communities that rental properties are located. I have give some ideas in the video about what to look at those four factors when shopping for rental properties. If you need assistance in finding the right rental properties in Vancouver, please contact Angel at 778.858.7958 or Helen at 604.375.1488....

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Home Buying Tips for Family with Kids

Posted by on Apr 10, 2015 in Blog

There are a little more things to consider for family with kids (especially very little ones) when searching for homes to buy in Vancouver. Here is a list of things to consider, for example: Room layout, including master bedroom, kid room, parents room, kitchen, laundry; Furnishing or decorations, including curtains, stairs, carpet, and so on; Structure of the house, inside and outside; Surroundings and community. If you have kids and are looking for a home to buy, or if you have any question regarding buying homes in Vancouver, please feel free to contact us. Please call Angel at 778.858.7958, or Helen at...

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2015 Spring Vancouver Real Estate Market Surge

Posted by on Mar 5, 2015 in Blog

Right beginning of 2015 Spring, Vanacouver real estate market rises surprisingly, comparing to what happens in the neighbour province Alberta. What cause this market surge, let’s take a deep look: First of all, Canadian Dollar. Canadian Dollars continue to go weak since last quarter of 2014. For international buyers, that means Vancouver housing prices are going down a bit because of the dollar value. Secondly, interest rate. Canada bank lowered core interest rate by 0.25 at the beginning of 2015. All the commercial banks lowered their major interest rate thereafter, which is a big fovour to home buyers. Thirdly, Vancouver. It’s unquestionable that Greater Vancouver Area is the most favorable place to live Canada wide and worldwide. More and more Canadians emmigrant to Vancouver area. More and more immigrants land on Vancouver area. Population growth is the biggest support...

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Greater Vancouver Area Housing Market Trend

Posted by on Aug 26, 2014 in Blog

In 2014 Vancouver real estate market so far goes upward obviously which would benefit both home sellers and home buyers. Considering single house and condo market in general, the biggest home price raise happened in the following three areas: West Vancouver, North Burnaby and Vancouver east side. However it didn’t mean that the other areas went slower. On the contrary, we saw even higher price raise in those traditional wealthy areas that most Chinese buyers preferred. For example, single house price in Vancouver west side has increased 9.9%; 10.3% increase in Vancouver east...

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Buy Homes in Vancouver in 2014

Posted by on Jan 11, 2014 in Blog

It might be the best year to come to Vancouver and buy real estate home. Especially for those Chinese who usually like to travel to Vancouver during Chinese new year. Because Canadian dollar becomes relatively weak these days. I think it necessary to update you about fees and costs related to buying and maintaining homes in Vancouver. Firstly, mortgage Since Canadian banks become more conservative when lending money to home buyers, the maximum mortgage you can get from banks decreases from 70% of the total price to 65% or even lower. Secondly, property transfer tax This is the way of calculating that cost: 1% of first 200,000, and then 2% of the remaining. There is an easy way: just multiplys total price with 2% and then subtract by 2000. Thirdly, lawyer fee Depending on the total price of the...

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