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Buy Homes in Vancouver in 2014

Posted by on Jan 11, 2014 in Blog

It might be the best year to come to Vancouver and buy real estate home. Especially for those Chinese who usually like to travel to Vancouver during Chinese new year. Because Canadian dollar becomes relatively weak these days. I think it necessary to update you about fees and costs related to buying and maintaining homes in Vancouver. Firstly, mortgage Since Canadian banks become more conservative when lending money to home buyers, the maximum mortgage you can get from banks decreases from 70% of the total price to 65% or even lower. Secondly, property transfer tax This is the way of calculating that cost: 1% of first 200,000, and then 2% of the remaining. There is an easy way: just multiplys total price with 2% and then subtract by 2000. Thirdly, lawyer fee Depending on the total price of the...

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What Is Average Return of Investment For Vancouver Real Estate

Posted by on Dec 23, 2013 in Blog

Is 10-20% ROI reasonable for Vancouver real estate market? We think it impossible to have ROI as high as what is happening in China housing market in recent decade. The major reason is that Canadian governments and banks have little interfere with Canadian housing market. Everything what they do or not do is to make the real estate market stable. Therefore Canadian real estate market reflects what the real demand and supply is. Most people in Canada buy homes for their major residences, there’s less possibilities for Canadian real estate market to have “bubbles”, as well for Vancouver real estate market. If you are interested in investing in Vancouver housing market, you have to know the local market very well and to evaluate the risk of investment as you would in any other markets. No one can guarantee any...

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About False Creek and Kitsilano Neighbourhood in Vancouver Westside

Posted by on Dec 6, 2013 in Blog

Why people choose to live in Kitsilano and False Creek neighbourhood, especially local people in Vancouver west side. Kitsilano is famous for its beaches and tons of community activities. English Bay, Second beach, Marine Museum, Vancouver summer fireworks, you name it. Local young couples prefer to live there. False Creek is close to Granville Island which is one of the most famous tourism place for not only local Vancouver people but tourists all over the world. False Creek is also a place where shopping, transportation are the most convenient in Vancouver westside. Please feel free to search all active listings in those two neighbourhoods here. Call Angel 778.858.7958 or Helen 604.375.1488 if you have any...

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Low Pricing or High Pricing, Which Strategy Is The Best

Posted by on Nov 20, 2013 in Blog

Home pricing is one of the most important steps in terms of selling real estate homes in Vancouver. Reasonable pricing should be based on only one thing: the market. Some sellers may want to set a price to cover all the costs and expenses. That will make it either under estimated or over estimated your property value. There are three different pricing strategies to choose from: Low pricing strategy Some home sellers might wish to attract more offers by setting the home price very low. If your home property is very comparable to properties in your neighbourhood, and if your neighbourhood is very popular to home buyers, yes low pricing strategy might good for you. High pricing strategy Some home sellers might wish to please some buyers who won’t buy without bargain. That pricing strategy might useful for properties...

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How to Efficiently Renovate Home to Sell Fast

Posted by on Oct 30, 2013 in Blog

Winter season is traditionally slow season for Vancouver real estate market. If you plan to sell home in the coming Winter, please check the following 5 tips for renovating your home. Proper renovation would help to sell home quicker. Many home sellers come up with the following best renovation ideas which could help you spend money wisely: 1. Kitchen renovation It is believed to be the most efficient way of renovation in regards to sell home fast. It includes upgrading all the kitchen appliances if necessary. 2. Painting inside out The cost is relatively low. And the result is somewhat amazing. 3. Bathroom upgrade Houses of 10 or 20 years of age usually need such bathroom upgrade. Brand new bathroom looking will add more value to your property. 4. Some small changes For example, change the lighting, curtain, blinds...

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